Our patented “Let Me Know” technology allows merchants to send SMS and MMS offers directly to their consumer’s mobile device. Whether you are a Sports Team offering last minute deals on tickets, or a Retail brand that has just lowered pricing on a product, consumers want to connect with their favorite brands via their mobile devices. Simply sign up, receive a “Let Me Know” text message offer, and reply back to purchase: it’s that simple! Experience the power of “Let Me Know” for yourself.

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“Let Me Know” is an extremely powerful tool that allows Sports and Entertainment venues to offer ticket deals directly to your mobile device for purchase. After selecting a date range, seat location, pricing, and quantity, the website will immediately begin searching for tickets that fit exactly what you are looking for. Once the criteria is met, you will receive an SMS / MMS text message that your tickets are available for purchase. Simply reply back and buy now. Quick and effective. Try our Sports Demo today, and experience the power of “Let Me Know”.


“Let Me Know” for Music is a great way to follow your favorite artists and bands right from your mobile device. Receive SMS or MMS texts when your favorite artist releases a new album, song, merchandise, or ticket for a nearby show. Simply reply back and purchase. With “Let Me Know”, following your favorite Bands and Artists just became a whole lot easier.

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Searching for flights, hotels, and car rentals for your next family trip or business outing can be exhausting. “Let me know” allows you to select the destinations your interested in. When travel deals and promotions become available, you will receive a branded SMS / MMS offer. Simply reply back and buy now. Traveling just became a lot easier with “Let me know” for Travel. Try our demo today.