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Jeffrey N. Dinardo, Jr. CEO of Monkeetech, LLC was interviewed today concerning the company’s recently announced patent pending “EyeWatch” credit card fraud prevention system.

June 07, 2013

Earlier today, Jeffrey N. Dinardo, Jr., the CEO of Monkeetech, LLC, a subsidiary of Quality Door & Hardware, Inc., was asked some questions concerning the innovative, patent pending “EyeWatch” credit card fraud prevention system.

“The EyeWatch System incorporates iris scan biometric technology and requires that the cardholder opt-in to the system. As a result, there are no privacy issues to speak of, since the cardholder has granted permission to acquire, store and utilize the iris scan results” responded Mr. Dinardo to inquiries that privacy issues may be raised.

On the issue of the historical development of the “EyeWatch System, Mr. Dinardo offered that “Monkeetech worked very closely with law enforcement officials to identify how best to capture and utilize information in the credit card fraud prevention process”. “One of those law enforcement officials who was especially helpful in the development of the “EyeWatch” system was Officer Vincent Costanza of the Jersey City, New Jersey Police Department. “Officer Costanza’s insights into the incorporation of biometric technology to our existing system for credit card fraud prevention directly led us to the iris scan” stated Mr. Dinardo. “Monkeetech is grateful to Officer Costanza for his time and his contribution”