Monkeetech’s Origins

Our company was born in 2012 when a father-and-son team decided to transform a lofty idea into reality. Believing that their 28 years of corporate decision-making experience would provide them with unparalleled insights, CEO Jeffrey N. Dinardo Jr. and Co-Founding Partner Jeffrey N. Dinardo Sr. created Monkeetech. What was their goal? They sought to redefine the way companies used e-commerce technology to drive audience engagement.


Many of the firm’s earliest lessons were gleaned in the domain of brick-and-mortar retail. After spending almost three decades as owner-operators of Quality Door and Hardware, Inc., the Dinardo partners witnessed firsthand how wide the disconnect was between merchants and their consumers. Their first firm strove to supply commercial buyers with doors, frames and hardware, and though it invariably succeeded, there were always stumbling blocks to overcome. From conducting pricing negotiations to managing overstock, it seemed the Dinardo pair had their work cut out for them.


Through their own experiences transforming the Quality Door and Hardware, Inc., brand, into a successful enterprise, the Dinardos identified a clear need for more integrated marketing technology. Notably, they decided not to follow in the footsteps of the countless many who had attempted to build new marketing paradigms and e-commerce venues from the ground up. Instead, they elected to create something that took advantage of existing consumer preferences and habits. It was this astute concept that led to the creation of Send2Mobile+, a unique platform that lets merchants and consumers connect and communicate via SMS and MMS messaging.

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Where We Stand Today

Of course, developing software was no easy task, but we continued to persevere in pursuit of our ideals. After less than four years of constant optimization, we announced our acquisition of the Send2Mobile+ U.S. Patent 9,218,613 issued on December 22, 2015. Monkeetech was finally ready to change the world of merchant services.


What happens next? The Monkeetech team is proud to announce that we’re developing our existing IP into several product offerings and launching them on a new website complete with functional demos. The Send2Mobile+ suite has generated considerable buzz around the e-commerce ecosystem since it was first teased. Merchants are just as excited as we are to launch the tools in their own sales platforms and hosted product listings.


Send2Mobile+ is set to redefine the way consumers engage with the brands they love via mobile devices. By enabling them to complete transactions via SMS or MMS, the pioneering platform grants shoppers increased freedom to exercise their purchasing power. Live auction, retail, crowdfunding, sports and entertainment, hospitality and newsletter industries are all certain to benefit from this novel approach to consumerism.


Monkeetech, Inc., currently manages an intellectual property portfolio comprised of nine patent-pending systems in addition to the patented Send2Mobile+. We’re proud to share these ideas with the world, and we’re dedicated to refining them as we move forward.